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Fertility Crystal Set

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How do Crystals for Fertility Work?

To keep it simple, human beings are made up of energy, and crystals are made up of the Earth’s energy. When these two come together, vibrational healing occurs. Healing occurs in a variety of ways, and it is different for each person. It can be anything from removing blockages in the body, releasing emotions or increasing energy—no two people are alike. When you are having trouble getting pregnant, the healing power of crystals can often help remove any energetic blockages or help you to let go of a negative mindset. Sometimes a simple energetic shift is all that's needed. Some of these stones have been used since ancient times to help with fertility issues, because of their energy and healing properties.


 SunstoneChanneling the warmth and positive energy of the sun, this gemstone helps us see the beauty and joy in life, no matter the obstacles and challenges that come our way.

CarnelianThis stone is a stone of sexuality and creative energy. Its energy will help balance the second chakra and remove blockages in the reproductive organs. It will also aid in making you confident in your ability to hold, birth and raise a child.

Rose Quartz:  Is great for calming and is known to powerfully increase fertility!

Tree Agate: It has long been believed to improve fertility. The gemstone’s green (abundance & nurturing) symbolizes the unconditional bond between mother and child.

Simply rest with the stones on your belly or over your ovaries for 10-15 minutes a day or you may hold them while meditating. Try to visualize the baby inside you & your healthy pregnancy the whole time. You may also like to keep this little kit in a pocket, bra, in your purse or pillow case while you sleep just to keep the good vibes nearby all the while.


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