Breathe Mantra Bangle

Breathe Mantra Bangle

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Our “Breathe” Mantra Bangle helps you focus on your breath and calm down in stressful situations. It's a simple reminder to help you stay stress free all day long.

It’s a wearable reminder of being present in the now and to take the deep breaths you need to calm your mind and reduce anxiety when it arises.

Everyday negativity can make it easy for your mind to go off into the past or future, but our Breathe mantra bangle helps you stay present by reminding you to take deep calming breaths.

With this bracelet, we hope that every time you put it on, it reminds you how much power there is in breathing deeply and staying calm during stressful moments.

Fully Adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes.  Just slide onto the wrist via the open back and then can be tightened to fit snugly.

Made from Tarnish Resistant, Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel.

Made for everyday wear, they are lightweight and durable.

Shipping: We ship out in 1-2 Business days from Queensland, Australia (4570) via Australia Post.

Contact if you have any queries, or simply send us a message via our FB page on messenger. 

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