Calm & Relaxed Crystal Set
Calm & Relaxed Crystal Set
Calm & Relaxed Crystal Set

Calm & Relaxed Crystal Set

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Calm & Relaxed Crystal Set

This Crystal Set has been carefully designed for the intention of removing Stress, Anxiety or worry and creating a state of Calm Relaxation.


Lepidolite: Brings emotional healing and helps with overwhelm.  Stimulates the flow of Joy, Peace, Serenitiy and Love. Also interestingly contains Lithium which is associated with relieving stress and anxiety.

White HowliteIs excellent for helping to release emotional pain, soothing and easing anxious thoughts.

Rose Quartz:  Is all about love, especially love for yourself.  Great to place in your home to increase the vibration of harmony and love.

Blue Agate: Just as the calming colour suggests, this is a beautiful stone for calming and clearing your energy.  

Amethyst Cluster: Helps cultivate tranquility, peace and calmness within you.  Amethyst is also believed to hold a strong healing and cleansing power.

White Sage Smudge: is used for Purification, balancing and clearing negative energy, invites positive vibrations & blessings. 

Scented Intention Candle: Soy Coconut Wax with a 15 hr burn time.


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