Magical Fortune Teller Gift Box

Magical Fortune Teller Gift Box

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This box looks Magical enough, but once you lift the top off you're going to be so happy when you see what's inside.  It’s filled with Crystals, Jewellery, Organic Teas and one of our most popular Essential Oil Blends.

Ask it nicely and it might just tell you next weeks Lottery numbers!

Gaia Essential Oil Blend  (Peppermint, Lime & Clary Sage)

Purple Fluorite Necklace (Chain 45cm)

Amethyst Bangle

Amethyst Cluster

Organic Teas

Fortune Teller Box

Shipping: We ship out from Queensland (4570) via Australia Post in 1-2 Business days.

Contact if you have any queries, or simply send us a message via our FB page on messenger. 


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