About Us

We are an online shop based in beautiful Queensland, Australia.  

Our main goal is to design and curate an amazing collection of Jewellery and Accessories designed to be Inspirational, Spiritual and Engaging.  What they are not  is boring, these are the designs that people will feel like they want to ask you where you got them from.  Our main goal though is to design an amazing collection that will make you think instead of just consuming.  

Yes it’s nice to buy beautiful things...but when they have the power to change how you think or go about your day and even the people that you come into contact with that also connect with the message.  That’s some pretty powerful vibes!   We believe that it’s not all about taking and each day we should ask ourselves how we can give rather than what can we get. Life changes in magical ways when we simply change the question!

Customer service is important to us and we want your experience shopping with us to be a positive one, which is why we will always respond within 24 hours via email (hello@willowmoonshop.com) or Messenger on Facebook to any queries you may have.