Magical Black Cat Box
Mystical Cat Box
Mystical Cat Box
Mystical Cat Box

Magical Black Cat Box

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Magical Black Cat Box

You think it’s just a box?

Think Again.

It has magical powers!

You can put your most prized possessions in it and they will be safe, because the Magical Black Cat will protect them with its Powerful Protection Magic.

This Magical Box is actually an Enchanted Portal between our world and the Realm of Meowtopia. When opened with pure intentions, this Magical Box will transport you there. Once in Meowtopia you can look forward to meeting all sorts of Magical creatures and exploring this Mystical and Magical Land.

Remember what happens in Meowtopia...stays in Meowtopia…

In order to activate all its powers you will need to order yours before supplies run out again like last time!

Length: 13cm

Depth: 9.5cm

Height: 5cm

Shipping: We ship out in 1-2 Business days from Queensland (4570) via Australia Post.

Contact if you have any queries, or simply send us a message via our FB page on messenger. 


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